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when the band Genesis was putting an album together in 1981 they took a series of musical notes located somewhere in a song (BACABA) and reversed it. The reversed notation became the new album's title. It was released that fall and hit the top 10 around the world. Hits from the album included "No Reply", the title track, "Man On the Corner" and "Keep It Dark", which is about an alien contact experience (honest!). The other tracks are really good as well. ABACAB's success showed that Genesis had become a major multi-platinum force for the new decade.
During the winter of 1982 the song 'ABACAB' scored on the charts. The title is pronounced "ah-buh-cab". So how do you write a song with that title? It's just a strange nonsence word, so it was used in a call and response method in the chorus. The rest of the lyrics make absolutely no sence whatsoever, the whole song's lyrics really add up to saying nothing. Still, that's much better than the cookie cutter manufactured method of songwriting used by so many people today (all this generic "baby baby baby" stuff - bleccch!). Yet the song is very tuneful, it's quite complex (this is Genesis, after all), and it became another huge hit for the band. Check out the entire album, it's really that good!
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