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When girls get slapped in the butt by guys. Every Friday it is scheduled. A day when people can slap other people's butts. Girls can slap guys' butts too. Some people do enjoy this day. But it must be very painful for some girls, though.
Today, I noticed it was Slap Ass Friday. I spotted my crush of three years. And As I walked down the hall, I spotted him. Then, I passed by and I quickly slapped his bum with hard, heavy pressure. I could tell he enjoyed it because of his huge smile. It was great pleasure to do that. He blushed as I gave a wink and ran off cafeteria.
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A game played in Elementary School and Middle School where children try to kick one another's legs under the table. Without get into trouble.
Natalie and Jake where playing Footsy in class. Suddenly, Natalie accidentally kicked Jake in his private area. He wanted to scream because Natalie kicked super hard, but Jake had to hold it in so they wouldn't get into trouble.
#footsy #shoes #feet #school #middle school #high school #elementary school
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Nice things you can get from anyone. Boys, girls, animals, aliens, friends, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your wife, your husband, your hubby, etc. They can be nice and warm and happy. Or quick and friendly. Everybody likes hugs, right?
Austin gave me a hug. Everybody loves hugs.
#hug #snuggle #cuddle #spooning #friends #amigos #memories
I<3Sgt.Frog가 작성 2010년 09월 06일 (월)
A way of typing in which some noobs and dumbasses specialize in. Anyone can type like this. Some do, some don't.
TyPiNG LiKe dIs DOeS NOt MaKE u CoOL iT mAkEs yOu LoOK rEtArDeD!
Do Not Capitalize Every Single Word!
D0 n07 u53 57up1d 1337 y0u d4mn n3rd!
Do not u$e $ymbols dumb@$$!
- Retarded Typing
#annoying #ghetto #internet typing law #myspace #dumb #noob
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A kick-ass British squirrel who rebels against authority figures. He is a character in Neurotically Yours. (Foamy The Squirrel) He has a purple Mohawk, yellow eyes, and a spiked tail. He had spent eighteen months in jail for calling the Queen of England a wanker. He is a friend of Foamy.
"All year long I've seen kids play video-games where people are shot in the face, stabbed in the back, and are ran over! All of a sudden, one little sexy pops up in a video-game and everyone has to 'save the children'. SCREW THE CHILDREN !"

*Pulls out middle fingers*
- Begley
#foamy #neurotically yours #germaine #pilz-e #hatta #punk
I<3Sgt.Frog가 작성 2010년 07월 10일 (토)
A cheerful smiley giving you a thumbs up.
Abby: I got an iPod! (:
Toni: What color? O:
Abby: It's blue. d:
Toni: You're so lucky ! ):
Abby: Don't worry, I'll share it with you. (:
Toni: Yay! d-(^.^)z
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Something that real whores tell everyone to do, but no one adds. These douchebags really enjoy posting "add me" to every band they befriend and what not. These people actually don't have friends, that's why they ask "Add me? I'm a whore and I'm bi and I'm pretty and . ." Seriously these people need to be shot two-hundred times, have their private part cut off and fed to them, stabbed in the face forty-five times, have both of their feet cut off and shoved up their ass, cut off their arms section by section, and then thrown down an icy river so they drown. (:
Stephanie: Damn add me tramps !
Junior: Yeah, I know ! They kept on spamming this band's status so then the band blocked them and deleted them.
Stephanie: Haha that's what they get for being idiots.
Junior: Yep and Tom Anderson said he was going to kill them !
Stephanie: Thank God.
#annoying #whores #idiots #myspace #facebook #computer #internet
I<3Sgt.Frog가 작성 2010년 08월 17일 (화)
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