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A combination of a narcotic and a stimulant commonly prescribed to people. Called a "kiddie" speedball because it is prepared using commonly prescribed drugs. Most commonly consisting of Vicodin and Ritalin, but could consist of Adderall and/or Oxycontin. The combination of analesgic and stimulant properties deliver an excellent but easy to find high. Called a "kiddie" speedball because it is prepared using commonly prescribed drugs.
I finally collected the pills for a kiddie speedball after raiding several people's medicine cabinets, let's try it out.
Hickey69가 작성 2009년 06월 17일 (수)
AKA "Stuyvesant Town" or "Peter Cooper Village."
A neighborhood located in the Upper East Village, stretching from First Avenue to Avenue C, between 14th and 23rd Streets, and consisting of (somewhat) rent stabilized housing projects where teachers and students alike live. Most inhabitants educate them at UNIS, but there are many exceptions. Most people are hipster and the lingo consists of "Sup, bro?" and other classified "G-Talk". They have money to live in other places but like the location near Union Square to meet up with other hipsters and scenesters. Rent is skyrocketing as the establishment is in huge debt and kids going on the roofs have become so much of a problem that they have installed ID-Card security systems.
"Sup bro?"
"Nawt much."
"Let's hang out in Union Square."
"Yeaa man, we hop on that emos and take em back to Stuy Town."

"Damn, I've been overpaying for years, good thing I sued."
"Yeah you almost put yourself out in the street by doing that, and you're lucky Tishman bought it."
"Nauw man."
Hickey69가 작성 2010년 01월 27일 (수)
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