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A mocking term used when talking about Hot Topic due to the fact that Hot Topic is not goth, yet most people consider it so.
- I can't seem to find an Alien Sex Fiend shirt
- What? Are you saying that "Goth Topic" doesn't have real gothic stuff? I would have never guessed.
Godslayer Jillian가 작성 2006년 11월 03일 (금)
An attempt to combine the term Emo to the term Goth.
Does it really exist?
Someone calling himself "emogoth" would know nothing about either subculture, seeing as he doesn't know there's nothing similar from both subcultures.
Emo is an offshoot of hardcore music, ergo the similarities in these two.
Goth is an offshoot of punk.
The viewpoint of an "emogoth" is that both of these subcultures are dark and depressive (which they are not) and as so, the emogoth attempts to link both of these together.
Any goth would wretch and any emo would be insulted by the obvious ignorance in the coining of the term "emogoth"
Emogoth - Hi! I'm an emogoth.
Emo- There's no such thing as an emogoth
Goth- Don't stain my culture by merging such two non-equal terms together.
Godslayer Jillian가 작성 2006년 11월 05일 (일)
An amazing relatively new video making a homage to all those people that have hit it big on the internet.
It is a catchy tune of most big internet phenomena that have become part of the pop culture.
Several Internet Phenomena that were pointed out in the song Internet People:
- The dramatic Prairie Dog
- South Park
- The Star Wars kid
- The Numa Numa Guy
- The lip-syncing boys
- Napster Bad
- Winnebago man
- Evil Bert
- Goatse
- GI Joe
- Ask a Ninja
- Lonelygirl
- Darth Vader
- Lazy Sunday
- George Lucas in love
- Chuck Norris
- Leeroy Jenkins
- Google (was obviously implied)
- The grape stomping lady that fell
- Paris Hilton
- All your base are belong to us
- The Ok Go song 'Here It Goes Again'
- The sneezing baby panda
- Dick in a Box
- Snakes on a Plane
- The otters holding hands
- The awesome vdeo of Stephen Colbert making fun of the president who was next to him =]
- Kelly shopping for shoes
- Tom Cruise in Oprah
- Ashlee Simpson in SNL
- Boom goes the dynamite!
- Peanut Butter Jelly Time
- The house with the Christmas lights
- Evolution of Dance
- All the people talking in their webcams
- And even much more!
Godslayer Jillian가 작성 2007년 09월 08일 (토)
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