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The "Servant Leader" is the favorite sexual position among married Christian couples who have experimented and know what works best.

- Wife lies on her stomach, legs apart, bottom elevated
- Husband lies face-down on his wife, and enters her from behind (the "rear entry" position)
- Husband embraces his wife, performing a "reach around" with his dominant hand (reaching under her and stimulating her clitoris) however she likes best
- Husband props himself up on his non-dominant elbow (to keep his weight off her so she can breathe) and reaches under her breast with that hand, stimulating her breast and nipple however she likes best
- Husband begins thrusting while continuing stimulation, paying close attention to her physical cues and his own body
- Husband times his own release as closely to hers as possible, for maximum mutual enjoyment

- The wife is passive, receiving penetration and pleasure at the hands of her capable husband
- The husband is in control of everything, and is responsible for his wife's pleasure and his own
- Husband can kiss his wife's neck and shoulders, and can whisper in her ear
- Full upper-body contact and the embrace-from-behind provide feelings of intimacy
- Perfect for the "tired wife, horny husband" scenario so common in marriage
- Echoes the Biblically defined marriage roles: the husband is in charge and the wife is submissive/passive, but his goal is to serve her completely, hence "Servant Leader"
My wife and I thought we knew about sex until we discovered the Servant Leader Position. Now sex is 10 times better for both of us!

Many people think the "Missionary Position" is how devout Christians have sex, but couples married for a long time know it is all about the Servant Leader Position.
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