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The fur lined entrance to the spasm chasm.
Edible but can induce retching if hairs come loose and lodge in ones throat
i was munching minge till my jaw ached
Geordie가 작성 2004년 02월 07일 (토)
giz all ya dosh or al blow ya head off with me shotgun
geordie가 작성 2003년 10월 24일 (금)
heroin addict
why aye man you dirty, stiking, rotten smack head
geordie가 작성 2003년 10월 24일 (금)
The process of rubbing butter into the skin of a new born baby badger. It is imperative this happens within the first 48 hours or it loses all flavour.
"Quick, smeel the badger!'
Geordie가 작성 2004년 05월 07일 (금)
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