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A prescription drug for short term insomnia. It can be used recreationally to provide a feeling of euphoria. Normal dose is 10mg, but abusers will take several at a time to intensify the effect. A person will often say and do things on it that they wouldn't have done otherwise since you truly have no worries when on it and consequence means nothing. It is either hard or impossible to remember what you do when on it the following day... It also makes you dizzy and makes you lose your balance easily.
Ambien examples: You might wake up the next day with bruises... for example a large case of rug burn across your face from where you tried to get out of bed and your feet missed the floor.... you might drop a burning match on your carpet and not be too terribly worried about putting it out quickly.... you might carry a glass table down the stairs in your apartment at 2am...you might call people you don't even like and tell them you love them... and you will make lots of friends on facebook and myspace, including messaging that you wont recall.
GeeGee101가 작성 2010년 04월 29일 (목)
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