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1. A member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority. Like many sororities, the reputation of the particular Delta Delta Delta chapter varies depending on the college or university to which the chapter belongs. Generally sorority girls are thought to be wealthy, priviledged and snobbish, but that too varies with the individual.

The use of the word Tri-Delt can be either complimentary or derogatory, depending on the intent and outlook of the user.
Man, check out that hot tri-delt !

Can you believe how snotty that tridelt treated me! You'd think she was god's gift to men!
G Canis가 작성 2004년 01월 25일 (일)
A mechanical device by which one creates
cloth from weaving together threads
Penelope spent her days weaving a shroud
for Laertes, and her nights unraveling the cloth she had made.
G Canis가 작성 2004년 01월 19일 (월)
a routine. This could refer to a number of different things, but generally refers
to a type of comic routine.

Yiddish origin.
I saw Don Rickles in an interview about
Toy Story 2 and he was performing the same old schtick, but he still was really funny.
G Canis가 작성 2004년 01월 26일 (월)
A person of loose morals regarding sexual favors given to others. hoe, whore Originally used of females exclusively, this word can now been used to refer to males as well.

In general, the word is an insult, but in much the same was as "nigger" and "bitch" have been adopted by the very people they were originally meant to denigrate, ho and its variations have
become less insulting and more part of
common language. This is an ironic change, since the origin of the word is
from a root meaning "dear" or "beloved"

The word has its origin in dialectal pronunciation of "whore" and has nothing whatever to do with the gardening implement which is used to loosen soil and remove weeds from gardens.
"You's a ho, you's ho, you's a ho, I say dat you's a ho"

"That ho will bang anyone"
G Canis가 작성 2004년 01월 19일 (월)
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