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Glenn Dale, Maryland is an unspeakably boring suburb in an even more unspeakably dull suburban county (Prince Georges) adjacent to Washington, D.C., which likes to think of itself as the "most important city in the most important country in the world." Right. Roger that. In any event, a quick check of Wikipedia evinces a number of stultifyingly boring facts about Glenn Dale: it's exclusive claim to fame is that it is home to Glenn Dale hospital, an abandoned sanitorium. Whether the purpose of said sanitorium was for the physically or mentally diseased is left unclear, but its proximity to Washington, D.C. rather suggests the latter. Otherwise, Glenn Dale is an unremarkable, ho-hum dreary place to find yourself trapped on the long road to nowhere. Unlike some other venues which may have a lack of stimulating shopping, dining and cultural opportunities, Glenn Dale does not even have noteworthy scenery to relieve the otherwise unrelenting boredom of its physical surroundings. No, those who dwell there have abandoned all hope.

Cons: Surrounded by crime, strip malls mostly built in the 1950s and 1960s, lousy climate where the humidity rarely drops below 90% in summer and winters are bitter and frigid.

Pros: BWI Airport is close by so you can leave in a really big hurry if you have the wits about you to do so.
A Glenn Daler is a kind of Archie Bunker from the D.C. suburbs. Example of his behavior can be seen here:

Typical Friday evening in Glenn Dale--

Gus: Hey, Betty, you wanna go up to Bowie to go shopping for some Natty Boh?

Betty: Naw, Hon, let's just stay here and watch the glue dry on the new wallpaper.

Gus: Sounds good.
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