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=Trying to.
I'm tryna find it.
Fangsta가 작성 2003년 03월 20일 (목)
The women's labia.
Fangsta가 작성 2003년 03월 18일 (화)
someone who dislikes or resents or disapproves of a player (the term is used to criticize people who are jealous or who don't respect successful people).
-The only reason all this girls like to talk to Big John is he's a famous rapper(=rap star). –Shut up, stop being such a player hater!
Fangsta가 작성 2003년 03월 19일 (수)
Fangsta가 작성 2003년 03월 20일 (목)
Money from Grands or thousands.
A hundered G's = $100.000
Fangsta가 작성 2003년 03월 18일 (화)
(adjective) crazy; insane.
Do you think he's lil' loco?
Fangsta가 작성 2003년 03월 17일 (월)
Bacardi is the world's largest privately held, family-owned spirits company. Bacardi is a producer of rums. They sell in excess of 240 million bottles per year in 170 countries. The business is the fourth largest spirits company in the world, sales in 2000 were $2.7 billion. A number of planned stock market flotations have collapsed, the last in 2000.

50 Cent's IN DA CLUB: "We gon' sip Bacardi like it's your birthday".
Fangsta가 작성 2003년 03월 18일 (화)

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