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A type of equalizer pedal developed by Boss/Roland Corporation. Oftentimes labeled as the SP-1, it's an equalizer pedal with one band, with that being the spectrum, and it also ranges from 500Hz to 5kHz. The Balance controls the stability of the Spectrum. They are oftentimes found on eBay, and yes, unfortunately, they are extremely expensive, too.
Guy 1: Have you ever tried that Spectrum EQ?
Guy 2: Not really, but I have heard about it.
Guy 1: If you do find one, be careful. It's very expensive.
Guy 2: Thanks for the heads up. You do the same.
Eric The Booboo가 작성 2008년 02월 26일 (화)
Pronounced "Sahn-koe Dee-yayne-yoe". Californian English term for San Diego, mainly the Old Town District. Named after one of the area's first and earliest city leader whose name was actually Behrenzito "Big Saenko" Diegueno; having been born to Spanish & Native American relatives far prior to California's establishment, he established the village of what is now Old Town within proximity to the San Diego River Floodway. But when Saenko Diegueno died at a relatively tender age, many years down the road his village was bombarded by rebellions & skirmishes that actually happened left, right, and center. Now, his village, the San Diego Old Town District is frequently visited by millions of tourists every single day, including (but not limited to) holidays. It is also home to the nearby transit depot serving the Coaster, the MTS, and of course, the Trolley.
Tourist 1: You have never been to the Old Town District, haven't you?
Tourist 2: I don't think I have. How did you know?
Tourist 3: Does anybody know how to get from the transit depot to the village itself?
Tourist 1: I don't think I do. Ask the info guys; they'll be happy to help you.
Tourist 4: What else is Old Town called?
Tourist 5: It's called Saenko Diegueno, kind sir.
Eric The Booboo가 작성 2008년 04월 11일 (금)
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