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A well-known online hangout for some pretty screwed up forum whores, trolls, and degenerates of all shapes, sizes, and prejudices. It grew out of a wrestling forum called Ring Fever. Eventually Ring Fever added a flaming forum called Hardcore City. Soon afterwards they encountered Brawl-Hall and BH netcopped them. The free host deleted the original Ring Fever and the moderator of Ring Fever's Hardcore City spun Flame Champs off of Ring Fever.

The function of Flame Champs is to insult each other through whichever means possible, including using private information, spamming other forums in the name of Flame Champs until their servers crash and the "enemy" is forced to post at the FC forums, troll members into posting at the FC forums, threaten various legal actions when other message boards flame them, and otherwise act as offensive as possible. Commonly used terms at Flame Champs are "airclaim" (meaning something that cannot be proven), "PKB" (short for Pot calling the Kettle Black), and the idiotic "backpedal", (defined as when a user changes/attempts to change their story after the fact).

There have been accusations that Flame Champs DOSes rival sites, though nothing conclusive has been provided, only angry forum members that claim this is true. Overall, a semi-popular but greatly offensive site, and it's doubtful there will be a decrease in their odious activities anytime in the future.

Flame Champs is the home of degenerates, tramps and trolls.
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