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Possibly the cutest cartoon character ever made. From the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP FiM) She is known for her incredible shyness, love of nature, and being the most kind, caring, thoughtful being in existence. Emotionally unstable at times, she tends to be afraid of everything, and at one point hid from her own shadow, while at other times, such as when she or her friends are endangered, goes into a rage that can make a full grown dragon cry. She also has an unnaturally strong connection with animals, and can understand them where others cannot. She had a staring contest with a cockatrice (a creature who's stare turns you to stone) and won, scaring the living hell out of it in the process. She represents the repressed person in all of us.
Non brony: what are you watching
Brony: My Little Pony
Non Brony: Why?
Brony: *Shows Fluttershy*
Non Brony: She's adorable and badass at the same time!
DeadlyNightshadeZ가 작성 2011년 11월 02일 (수)
A bunch of half bean- half dogs from Japan, so you you know it's messed up. They are complete trolls, messing with people at every turn. They show up when people are eating, simply to disturb them with trivia that ruins the mood. It is usually followed by the person who was about to eat shuddering, and the whole scene getting dark.
Boy: *Studying hard*
Mame-Shiba: Did you know an ostrich forgets what it just learned very quickly?
(As he is studying for a test, the shiba bean telling him that things are forgotten easily just makes him worry about the test)

Man: *About to kiss girlfriend*
Shiba: 42 million germs per second are transmitted while kissing!
Man: Never mind.
DeadlyNightshadeZ가 작성 2011년 07월 15일 (금)
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