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noun - AH-ree-ten

Someone who is generally withdrawn, yet also charismatic. Very loving and romantic in non-familial relationships.
Slow to anger, but upon reaching the boiling point will fly into a psychotic rage, often injuring themselves and others, though never their loved ones.

Extremely loyal; will never cheat in a relationship or go behind their friends' backs, and expects the same of their partner and friends. Betraying their trust is, to them, the worst thing you could ever do, and they will be unlikely to ever speak to you again should you cross them.

May lie to others to help them feel better about themselves or their situation, but will be truthful if asked. However, they dislike being lied to, regardless of intent.

They prefer being in relationships in which they can openly communicate, with both partners being able to freely ask questions and share opinions, but have difficulty initiating such communication.

An Ariten is a perfect friend or lover if you want someone you can trust and talk with openly, who is very sensitive and sympathetic, and will stand up and fight for or with (as in side-by-side, not against!) you when you need it most.
A: Did you hear what what happened at the park yesterday?
B: Yeah, Beth's Ariten went apeshit and junk-punched some some moron who wouldn't leave them alone.
A: Hard to believe that's the same guy who's always singing love songs and hugging her every five minutes.
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