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A Unique Reject is a lesser know subculture that is relitivly new. If you are a Unique Reject, you are just basically out to have a good time. You will run around screaming random things, socializing with random people, do things that are unexpected and not on purpose. You can't become a Unique Reject... you just are one. This is the worst subculture to be in because its easy to spot the posers. Most people in this subculture are called odd or weird. A Unique Reject has friends that are in many different subcultures and you don't hate someone elses subculture, you will just stick of for yourself. You aren't a hot topic shopper because you are not a poser. People may also call you goth occasionally. You mainly wear black shirts with movies titles, pictures, band names, or random words on it. You also mainly wear jeans that might have been drawn on with pen or makers. You are very different than others and you don't try to be. You can easily just be yourself and you don't care what others think, which is pretty difficult to do. You wear eyeliner and nothing else. You are rather simple and where 1 necklace and some bracelets on your arm because with out them you feel naked.
The person running around screaming 'fuck the llamas!' is a unique reject.
Code Lemon가 작성 2005년 05월 15일 (일)
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