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A confusing term created by confused people who think you can classify a race by a language. Residents of "latin" American countries refer to themselves as latino because of their descendants from Spain. Little do they realize that most of said countries had next to zero interbreeding with Spaniards and a vast majority of those who refer to themselves as latin have zero Spanish blood. Countries and people who should obviously not be called latino are somehow lumped under this category simply because they speak Spanish. Blacks born in the Dominican Republic are somehow latino, as are white europeans from Spain. Blacks and Spaniards racially and ethnically have NOTHING in common with residents of the Latin Americas but call themselves the same race. Somehow, under this theory, a Spaniard is latin, but an Italian is not, despite the fact that pretty much everything Latin really came from Rome.

Latino is an overly vague, catch-all term and a misnomer that attributes a culture to people that don't belong to it, at the same time depriving one of their actual heritage. A Mexican is a Mexican. A Spaniard is a Spaniard. A Puerto Rican is a Puerto Rican.
(what goes through a Spaniard's mind when filling out a form...)

Manuel: Hmmm, race? What to choose, what to choose... well, I AM white, so I should probably choose caucasian... Wait, never mind! I speak Spanish! Therefore, THIS is my race! (checks the "latino" box)
(example of the obvious flaws in using the term "latin" to describe a Spanish-speaking person)

Cesar: I'm from Mexico and I have REAL latin culture, something whites could only dream of.

Antonio: Well, I'm Italian, I'm white, and I ACTUALLY come from REAL latins. You know, the ones who lived in Europe, not Central America. Your ancestors come from Native Indians.

Cesar: (goes ballistic and calls Antonio a racist gringo)
Chernorizets Hrabr가 작성 2007년 01월 27일 (토)
Another reason to not watch MTV.
Pampered rich kids and their faux-drama in an obviously rehearsed "reality" show makes me want to vomit.
Chernorizets Hrabr가 작성 2004년 11월 05일 (금)
Like the Olsen Twins, but with even more crack, and even less credentials.
The only two people in the world who are more undeserving of their wealth than the Osbourne children are the Hilton Sisters.
Chernorizets Hrabr가 작성 2004년 11월 26일 (금)
Phrase made famous by wold-renowned genius Paris Hilton. Sounds like the opposite of "That's cool" but means the same thing.
(Blasts Paris Hilton between the eyes with double-barrel shotgun)

"Now THAT'S hot, skank."
Chernorizets Hrabr가 작성 2005년 01월 10일 (월)
Semi-famous villain from the Nintendo 64 adventure, The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. Ganondorf has an exceptionally unique case of unibrow, in which his eyebrows connect clearly with his hair, thus forming one very long eyebrow. This puts the typical unibrow (one that connects in the middle of one's face above the nose) to shame.
Ganondorf was one of the most easily-defeated bosses in the history of video games.
Chernorizets Hrabr가 작성 2004년 10월 05일 (화)
Someone who everyone in the world over the age of 11 has seen engaging in sexual intercourse.
Azamat: I saw a video with Pamela Anderson doing something very bad on a boat.

Average Person: Welcome to Earth.
Chernorizets Hrabr가 작성 2007년 06월 02일 (토)
Innovators of the heavy metal subgenre we now know as nu-metal or aggro-rock. Korn currently consist of 4 members now that rhythm guitarist Head has departed the band; Jonathan Davis, a great frontman and talented vocalist, Munky, a rather average guitarist (along with Head), Fieldy, a pretty slick bassist who greatly defines the band's sound, and Dave Silveria, an underrated and highly talented drummer. KoRn is known for their heavy sound, low-tuned guitars and dark themes and humour.

KoRn has many devoted fans around the world who love them for the music, not because of some poseur teen-angst image complex. It is because of these poseurs that many people hate KoRn, basing their opinion on the fact that many people who like the band shop at Hot Topic and suck at life, so the band must suck too. In reality, KoRn are respected by musicians as innovators, and famous because their sound simply kicks ass. KoRn acknowledges the fact that their recent albums have been sub-par due to wiggerism and promises to return to their roots in their next album. Hey, at least they admit it and learn from it, unlike some bands who use the phrase "people don't like it just because it's different" as an excuse for their crapiness.

In conclusion, you don't have to like KoRn... just don't hate on them for stupid reasons. A lot of people think "real" metal bands like Iron Maiden and Lamb of God suck too, so keep that in mind when you bash them.
KoRn may not be the most technical band out there, but they are original and talented.
Chernorizets Hrabr가 작성 2005년 07월 23일 (토)
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