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1. another identity for a bro or broski. Basically meaning the same thing, a brosker is a bro that will always be there to get his fellow broskers' back.

2. Brosker Age and Apparel

A brosker is male that is between approximately the ages of 14-26, with some exceptions included. A brosker subscribes to the typical bro attire sporting a polo, khaki shorts/pants, button downs, sweater vests, clarks, clogs, birks, visors, aviators or wayfarers (preferably with sunglass clips or neck straps) would be considered the regular brosker uniform.

3. Culture and Customs
Brosker- typically broskers enjoy partying hard with their fellow broskers, and enjoy partaking in the cheaper brands of brew (aka Natty, milwaukee's best, or keystone if available). Depending on the local culture of brosker, a brosker may or may not have a serious lack of consideration and respect for females. Degradation of women is common in brosker culture.

4. Brosker Pledge
As a brosker, I will try my hardest to serve my cause and my broskis by partying hard, supporting my fellow broskis, representing your fraternity (if fraternity brotherhood applies) to the best of your ability, meeting a weekend quota of popular drinking games, and stay loyal to my broskers and our cause through the good, the bad, and the ugly.
"Hey brosker! Wanna chill?"
"Yeah bro. I'm meeting the broskers at the bar."
Chad Bro가 작성 2010년 02월 07일 (일)
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