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A "Tekno Kid" is someone you see at a Rave that knows NOTHING of what it means to be a raver, the "poser" of the EDMpire. (Electronic Dance Music) They go to raves and EDM Festivals for nothing more than a place to be high and hook up. They know NOTHING of the TRUE meaning of PLURR (Peace Love Unity Respect Responsibilty) which we all know is what makes the rave scene go 'round!
A Tekno Kid is those guys you see at a rave doing nothing but scamming on women and bragging about how many drugs they took that night... The girls you see there dressed like skanks and acting like total snobs. A Tekno Kid is the person that asks you for a Kandi and when you tell them "I dont have any tradeables" they say "what about all the ones your wearing?" or when you give them one they just walk off like they dont even care. They dont understand what Kandi means and where the idea came from. They are fakes, posers, but not ALL of them. Some of them just dont really KNOW what the scene is about in the first place. If you are a REAL raver please spread the TRUE meaning of being a raver to these poor Tekno Kids in hopes that maybe one day we can Save Our Scene!
Bo$$ MaN!가 작성 2010년 06월 11일 (금)
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