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Slang for Milwaukee, usually implied as a sign of admiration or respect by Milwaukeeans for their "hood."

Mil is the monosyllabic abbreviated form of the Algonquin place name Milwaukee (meaning the "good land" -Alice Cooper), and although Milwaukee is a city by definition, it's more of a" town" since it lacks the character of typical "big city" living (i.e. no skyscrapers, no subways, etc), hence Mil + Town = Mil town.

In general it can be used specifically to identify with such areas as the downtown area or the ghetto core for example, but it can alternatively be used to imply Milwaukee the city (including all sub locals) and/or as a reference to Milwaukee County as a whole.

***Cultural Note***

Milwaukee has become the bastard child of the Midwest after having lost its sole claim to fame as the beer producing capitol of America. Today it is principally a sprawling ghetto with few remaining inhabitable safe zones. In fact, the term Mil town is a further bastardization that grew out of ebonicsized "Black English" spoken heavily in Milwaukee's ethnic ghetto. Since white suburban youth have a fondness for all things hood, naturally the term spread and today is in fairly common usage throughout the greater Milwaukee area.
Hoodrat 1:

Yo cuz, where you stay at?

Hoodrat 2:

D town milwaukee wisconsin
SHIT King Townn Bithes Fuck The Rest of D haters
LK+VL+Blood= MIlwaukee so if you aint that dont come near casue thats your last day youll live!!
^5^ popping
6 dropping
Mil Town stans for Milwaukke BItcheszzz
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