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OTD is a condition in which people have several thoughts, feelings, ideas, or sensations (obsessions) kind of like those with OCD, and feel the need to tweet them. Persons with OTD religiously scroll down their twitter feed "favorite-ing"almost everything they see. They also tend to re-tweet and reply to almost everything on their feed, regardless of how much it relates to them. These people celebrate things such as their thousandth tweet or hundredth follower, and feel that those numbers equate to how great of a virtual presence they are on the 'internets'. These persons will use hash tags in their real-life conversations, log on/off Twitter several times throughout the day, and tweet about things that seem arbitrary and totally pointless to followers, but in their eyes significant and necessary.

Warning: When you follow a person with OTD their tweets make up 99.9% of your feed.

Note: You can still be awesome if you have OTD. It is not fatal. Your awesomeness shall live on.
"She's been on twitter for only five days and she's tweeted 6,777 times. I think she has Obsessive Tweeter Disorder(OTD)."

"Oh my god we should totally do that! Hashtag YOLO hahahahahaha!...Oh my god, that's the seventh time I did that today I think I have Obsessive Tweeter Disorder(OTD)."
@nourasmileslike(follow mee)가 작성 2013년 05월 27일 (월)
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